“WOOD”n’t you like to craft with these magnificent vintage beads?


Let me guide you through some more found attic treasures! Who says size doesn’t matter? Imagine my joy finding these insane, vintage, giant, chunky, wooden beads strand. Big is one thing, chunky another, but giant ones, jumbo-sized like these, are hard to find! What more fun is there than to use nature’s best craft material: wood. Crafting with wood has been around for hundreds of years and let’s be honest it is the perfect material for wintry crafts to decorate your home. Getting snap happy is what beads are all about!

These round, indestructible, giant beads are turned from solid wood. Use alone or in combination with other wood shapes to make toys, such as dolls and animals they’re the ideal craft supply! Imagine your kids having a great time stringing them together, stringing games promote ocular-metrical practice and co-ordination. All kind of crafty projects that can be made again and again!

Beads have always been used to develop sorting, sequencing, counting and visual memory skills, all contributing to a child’s developmental skills. Beautiful big beads are ideal for younger children and tiny hands. They improve hand/eye coordination and teach arranging and sorting abilities. Good for use with children within early years to develop their manipulative skills and to encourage early mathematical understanding.

Giant beads even are a perceptual training activity designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision.

These giant beads are large enough to make bead strings to use for classroom demonstrations: think math’s activities with wooden beads, one bead at a time!


Motivate young crafters to do a lacing activity by threading large wooden beads onto a shoelace or perhaps a pipe cleaner, it is super fun. These beads will stand up to years and years of creative fun!

I used to make DIY wooden bead dolls for my daughter’s birth, attached to the classic sugar beanbag.


Maybe you’d like some innovative jewelry made out of wooden beads, whether you’re a complete beginner or a master trinket crafter, know that wooden beads have long been used in jewellery and crafts and they’re gaining popularity once again.  Due to their light weight and natural tones they can be mixed with stone or glass beads. For heavier, chunky necklaces or bracelets, dare to go big and bold! Round wood beads lend a classic feel to handmade jewelry. Wooden necklaces can help you in sporting a trendy look.


Whether or not you’re a talented artisan, everyone can make some delicate little sculptures! Are you one of those people who always loose their keys? Then that’s the best excuse to make a sweet keychain. They also looks great hung as decor on a door knob, pegboard, wrapped around a candle, or simply placed in a vintage bowl. You could even add a tassel!

Often used to make rosaries, they create a natural look that complements any design. But now think home deco: use these oversized wood beads as an earthy, chic way to fill a glass vase or do you remember the wooden beaded door curtains.


Ever thought of beads as precious keepsakes? I took me by surprise to find out that certain hospitals use beads as bravery beads for children enduring a procedure or treatment such as chemotherapy or surgery. The children receive a unique bead that represents a particular procedure. As beads are added to the necklace, it becomes an ever-growing record of their treatment and medical history. The beads make it easier for children to understand their medical conditions and communicate concerns about their treatment. How wonderful is that!


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Let’s get creative, winter is near! Come on they are waiting to fulfill the needs of the modern crafter. Shop for these unique items in my shop, all vintage beads with a bit of history, while you can. Imagine what an original gift they would be under the Christmas tree!

And we all know life is a string of beads,

beading with glee,



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