Without passion life is nothing


Sitting outside on a windy day, observing all nature’s beauty around me , I finally picked up writing to you all again. Hearing the sounds of the crows, tractors for the “vendange” (wine harvest of the grapes for the famous Blanquette) in the background, seeing a last courageous wasp, even a lone bumble bee flying about, my dogs sitting all around us and of course the beautiful passion flower, whilst we’re sitting under our pergola to be, I know it is time to let the muse in.

We put the metal base of an old summer tent in wine barrels and wanted to create a nice spot with a top covered in foliage and flowers for summer so we can sit in the shade.


We’ve been trying to create this lovely spot in front of our kitchen (sliding) window, but most of the climbing plants have been taking forever to cover it. Finally this year we managed to find the combined solution: passion flower, wisteria, honeysuckle


and a red vine, all seemed to agree with our plan.

Ah but you don’t know the big news yet, my lovely daughter is getting married here next year in July, so we want this place to be enchanting. Envision hanging baskets, olive trees in wine barrels at the front gate, pretty white flowers in homemade wooden boxes, anything to welcome her guests to our peaceful haven in the South of France. So time to have a good look at the land and decide how we can show people its beauty.

At the moment we’re enjoying the peace of these last summer days, viewing the changing of nature’s palette. The olive tree planted more than ten years ago starts to show us its first olives,


and the palm tree planted that same period, finally shows itself as the real thing.


Even the rose hip made its appearance warning us, it’s autumn time, get ready.


The extreme heat of this summer made us really lazy, as it was too hot to go outside. An emergency alert for mum (lacking red blood cells due to a lack of B12, which her body apparently doesn’t take out of her food anymore) caused weeks of hospital visits and created enough buzz once home, as all the work on the land was thus neglected. On the other side, the visits of my lovely children, their loving partners and grandchildren made summer a non-stop bundle of joy.

Last week we had the land nearby burning and a wake up call from the gendarmes: “ the fire might go your way, stand by for evacuation”. Luckily in these parts of the land, they know how to handle outburst of fire and we were spared that misery!

We ordered Orpington chicken as we’re left with only one old chicken and yes we do love eggs. We couldn’t believe the beauty of their feathers, let’s be honest, they’ll be an asset to the garden’s beauty when the wedding will take place.


I don’t know, it’s just that happy feeling being blown in by this windy day, knowing we are privileged to witness nature’s power to change from one season to another. It’s the silence of the land, the last sunrays on our bodies, the last blooming of the flowers in the pots,


that makes me feel so peaceful, so happy to be around. Or maybe it is just the beauty of this little vine, the passion flower, that causes calmness and relaxation with its soothing properties.

Anna’s back in town so expect some more updating about the South of France, vintage news and needle joy.

Love you all


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