Whimsy flakes on Santa’s sleigh


Jolly old St. Nick should have landed his sleigh on the roofs, sometime late in the middle of the night…

Awaiting the arrival of “The” sleigh my eyes often wander off to ours. I use our old sleigh as a simple and handy, decorative element in our living room as you can see:


My kids had the time of their lives on this one!  Then it became a forgotten item, stacked away in the garage. When I moved to France, I took it with me and yes, we do have harsh winters here and us oldies still use it for what it was meant to be: pure fun.

Long ago, sleighs were large home made affairs, ten to twelve feet long, four to five feet wide, with sides three to four feet high. The runners were cut from a large birch or elm tree and the iron on the runners and the necessary nails and bolts, were the only items bought for the sleigh. The trees and traces were often the same as used for plough or harrow. Providers of food and materials, they were in those days, in many countries.


We still use ours to carry lovely branches, wood items of any kind, when walking in the fields, searching for ideas to turn into one of my cuties. The amazing and sometimes odd shapes I find here on the surrounding land, boost my imagination to unlimited boundaries.


Have you got a sleigh ? Is it stacked in a long forgotten place? Or do you still use yours in a unique way or just for fun? Share your story with Anna!

Sprinkling you with stardust … IMG_1462

From our home to yours: A verry merry Kiss-mas to you all ! 


U R In My Heart…

PS: Don’t you love this time of the year, bells, snow and old fashioned songs with bells in them, such as Dean Martin’s:

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