What’s up autumn?


Close your eyes and listen, do you hear some baroque music, violins playing… music from the 1723’s, must be Vivaldi’s “Autumn”, whilst looking out of the window to take in nature’s gorgeous views. We, that have seen or read “Anne of Green Gables,” actually don’t need words about the beauty of fall!

This time of year grants us some mild days and makes one wander through the fields admiring the fall foliage and the many hedgerows and woods. We’re fancying a good horse gallop through the forests to watch the fog falling or the mist rising.

Fat squirrels with bushy tails (hard winter?) stopped jumping about in the trees and are now very busy nut gathering, nibbling apples and berries, though they have to share the latter ones with many feasting birds. Dormice are trying to find their way into the house… No way!

No more bats flying around or warm summer evenings. The swallows, the pairs of golden orioles, starlings and many others said their goodbye before migrating. Only our robin stayed around to defend its territory, he ain’t moving, he knows food will be provided! I assume he’s competing with our roses, blooming as pretty as ever. Blue tits, wag tails, black red starts, wrens, the woodpecker, those are the ones that decided to keep us company for winter, our regular winter customers. Keep an eye on the cows in the fields, when they lay down, rain is sure to come.

The moment to do some olive, almond picking, gather rosehips, do an outing to the “Madre” (mountain nearby) to find grand edible mushrooms such as Cèpes, the Porcini Mushrooms, that grow wild in this region of France and are excellent both fresh and dried.

Go for berries, apples, nuts, almonds or seeds too, there are plenty to go round at this time of year.

Alas, work awaits, as always, on the land: any trees to plant, putting on “natural” fertilizer (thank you horses!) for the winter, so the garden plot is ready for next year’s garden season … grab a shuffle or maybe start trimming hedges. Woodpile ready? Good, who knows a hedgehog might spend his winter in it.


says bye-bye to summer, gone art thou, we only part to meet again





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