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So delighted, excited and over the moon, to announce the opening of my online Woohoocuties’ shop! Yes, I ship worldwide! No dream is too big.

I use colourful inspiration offered by the South of France.


Living in the South of France, I love discovering hidden treasures: one of a kind items, handmade beauties, vintage lovelies, already having lived a life, wearing a bit of nostalgia. Is it the idea of connecting with a piece of history, tasting that never repeated glamour of the old days or just knowing that these classic items will never go out of style, I don’t know, all I feel is a whole lot of love, seeing or touching them.

I’m over the moon with the new wave of craftspeople, local artisans with positive energy, spreading their products worldwide, by connecting through the internet, putting their unique items available to be purchased, loved and cherished.

I’m not even talking about the positive environmental impact created by recycling, reusing objects of gone by eras.

I’m just a vintage soul

Sharing the passion for creativity, using cherished heirloom objects, whether it is my gran’s old stitching machine (vintage omnipresent) or selling old buttons, decorative or utilitarian stuff, I see it as my hobby and it just makes me very happy.

In my shop I offer a parade of handmade and vintage items. All vintage objects are bought locally on flea markets or are heirloom. I love scavaging boot fairs and flea markets!

Stop by regularly, as I keep on searching friends’ attics, local flea markets to find vintage of any kind. On this blog wohoocuties.com I try to retell their history.

I feed my soul with each stitch I sew


I also sell some of my cuddle worthy dolls, they are handmade, thus unique and one-of-a-kind and dedicated to gently coat you into a wonderful world of imagination. They’re sewn with love and attention, with an eye for detail, and a touch for fabric, by me, Anna, professional seamstress.

Handmade doll Fleur

The style is mostly primitive, nostalgic. Materials and fabrics are used and chosen with great care. Each doll wears a wooden Woo Hoo Cuties’ button. Every detail counts!

Woo Hoo Cuties buttons

Woo Hoo Cuties buttons

My dolls are no toys, but ideal for display or companionship, rather than play objects for young children. The price of each of my dolls will depend on how long I took loving care, creating them. It is always possible to order customized and personalized dolls. All you have to do is contact me and send me for example a drawing your child made. You can even choose the name of the doll then. In my blog I always offer the story that surrounds the handmade doll.

Grand sharing with you! Go on then, take a peek…


Creatively fired!



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