Vintage leather Peruvian saddle coronas/pads


As you know I always search for new items for my vintage collection. So last week I got three leather Peruvian saddle coronas from our friend at the horse stables. They need repairing and cleaning up, but are vintage beauties. I will have to find a good “cordonnier”/ cobbler though.

The old French word “cordouanier/cordonnier” comes from a worker in “cuir de Cordoue / Cordovan “ leather, so leather from Cordoba. He is the one, who will be able to sew the saddle coronas back to their original firm state.

All saddles sit on a corona, made of two pieces of leather, slightly larger than the saddle. Beneath the corona, a saddle blanket is put, to absorb sweat and protect the horse’s back.


A corona/pad and blanket will protect the horse’s back and help distribute the weight and pressure of your saddle. Keeping your horse’s back cool, is important as over heating is the common cause of many sore backs. It will reduce friction too! A saddle pad offers some extra cushioning. The saddle blanket, easier to wash as well, goes under the pad to keep the sweat from the horse from breaking the pad down.

In the tack industry most saddle makers are riders but distributors might not be, so find help when looking for one.


When you have a western saddle you’ll need a saddle pad. The blankets are often used for shows.


The Navajos used sheepskin pads in the old days. Recent studies consider reindeer fur the best pad materials, but sheepskin is good as well and easier to get.


Horses, they keep you humble and teach you when you’re wrong. Your feet were too high and that is why you fell of the horse, nobody else but you made yourself fall off, it’s never the horse’s fault. They keep you fit and physically active: riding, tacking up and untacking, cleaning the stall, feeding, grooming, barn chores will build muscles and burn calories.

And as every pet, they heal us. Medical research proved that heart attack patients owning pets live longer than those who don’t. Petting your dog even reduces your blood pressure. Interacting with animals increases our level of oxytocin (hormone), the one that helps us to grow new cells whilst healing, and makes us feel happy. Horses give us an extra physical benefit: building core strength and body awareness.

But never forget that the purchase price of a horse is often much less than the cost of maintaining your equine companion, think shelter, exercise area, horse supplies, medical care. These social animals require consistent care and hooves need maintenance, they’ll need your attention, interaction and activities!


Horses form strong emotional attachments to their herd members. Horse people sometimes call a horse that becomes upset when separated from a specific companion a “buddy sour.” Horses do not like leaving their group!

Equine-goat connection on your land is ideal, easy as they eat the same grain as the horses, but most of all, goats often are pets for racehorses, calming them down. Remember though, that the horse gets really attached to the goat, it will bond a lifelong friendship, and will know when a replacement shows up and will mourn… As for your goats, they won’t wander off, but stick to their horse.

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In memory of Savant, my beautiful horse that died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 22 (+10/03/2015) RIP.

A very sad


PS: If you love horses, have you ever read the fourth part of the book of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s travels: “A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms”? Their name is translated as “the perfection of nature”.

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