Travelling to the snow clad mountains of India


Yesterday I got a call from my Indian daughter in law, inviting me to join her and her family for a trip to her home country: India. The place to be: a village in the lap of the mighty Himalayan region, where her family resides: Kullu. Who can say no to this amazing place, famous for its abundant natural beauty and scenic charm.

This ancient land conquered us already a long time ago, with its spicy curries (70% of all the world’s spices come from India), naan bread, poppadoms and of course me with its various vegetarian dishes. We’re going to visit the country known to have the world’s lowest meat consumption per person!


India is not just a people.

It is the celestial music,

And inside that music

Anybody from any corner of the globe

Can find the real significance of life.

– Sri Chinmoy

Kullu, the capital of the Kullu District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh (meaning “snow-cladden region” or “abode of snow”), is located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley (about ten kilometres north of the airport at Bhuntar). Winter season over there, has temperatures, ranging from 4°C to 20°C.

Kullu, once known as Kulanthpitha – `the end of the habitable world`, its valley also known as the “Valley of Gods”, is situated in the only Indian state forbidding the use of tobacco products. It is a place for adventure lovers, offering various sightseeing options.

Surely the Gods live here; this is no place for me. Rudyard Kipling


Kullu known for its ancient temples, natural hot springs, festivals and apple orchards, is also famous for its handicraft work, shawls, tapestry and caps. Kullu shawls are made of natural fibers such as pashmina, sheep-wool and angora. Here’s a beautiful North Indian tapestry owned by my friend Saveria:


We’ll have to get properly immunized. Packing won’t be a problem as one can buy clothes there or have them made inexpensively. I was told it’s best to not drink the water or brush our teeth with it or take ice.

Once there we’ll have to watch our body language as it can accidently cause offence, standing with hands on hip for example, is seen as sign of aggression in the North of India. When leaving we’ll have to empty our pockets, as it seems to be illegal to take Indian rupees (currency) out of India!


Imagine all the beautiful Indian items waiting there to be bought…

The breathtaking charm of the world’s largest and highest mountain range awaits us, but so do numerous delightful valleys, pine forests and temples.

Here a picture of how the Northen inhabitants put up your hair, I’ll feel like a real princess, can’t wait:


Adventure and family entertainment here we come!

Already getting lost in the amazing physiography of the Himalaya






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