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Free sewing course from scratch (4)


Let’s first talk about the most basic thing: your stitching machine, how to use it and then we’ll start some easy exercises: stitching straight. I know you want to start straight off, with your first quilt, but let’s do first things first, I told you, it is a very basic course from scratch.


Sewing course to come, for beginners from scratch!


This post will offer you some info about my soon to start, free sewing course for true beginners, online in January 2015. For those of you not interested in sewing, don’t worry, there will be loads of other posts/subjects coming up too. But, I do want to help those people that really would like to start learning how to sew and have never tried to. Life is so busy, when working full time, so I want to make the course doable, not too much at once! We’ll walk the road together pace by pace!


My gran’s vintage sewing machine

Years ago, in the old days, when I started following sewing classes after working hours, I arrived at the first lesson with this big old box. All the others had a new posh sewing machine. People were stunned when I put my green Phoenix on the sewing table. “Really, are you going to follow a professional course with that vintage sewing machine, why don’t you make it easy on yourself and buy the latest model?” (more…)