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Out of the blue


Spring a golden opportunity to go out and collect dye plant material and try it on a variety of fabrics and yarns: cotton and linen (plant fiber) and silk (animal fiber). What a wonderful world to collect: an abundance of forage!

The whole area here surprises us every day with new flowers, colours and discoveries.


Everywhere wild orchids pop up:


Teabags are ideal to dye with, my dad showed me how to colour my wedding dress (synthetic) with them but I always dreamt of trying nature’s colours. To be honest I only gave that a chance once in a blue moon, never really made time for it.

Pretty buttercups are everywhere, reminders of my gran, she was my buttercup!


Am thinking of rosehip, berries as they grow all around the house. I also have a big stack of turmeric that could do the job. So I went off for a walk in the fields with the dogs, a colour hunt!


Can’t help thinking of the loads of native tribes still making their own “natural” dyes. They give them original names too, might be an idea! The Navajo Indians, for instance, even have four “sacred” colours: blue-turquoise, white-white shell, black-jet and yellow abalone. Just love the name “white-white shell”.

The dandelions seen as a weed but ever so good to make jam with:


Have you ever dyed cotton with natural homemade dyes? Green light given for sharing your experience with me, pretty please!


I wanted to share these photos as they represent a tiny bit of my special kind of treasure hunt, take care and don’t forget to bring colour in this all too often black and white world! Show off your true colours.


Tickled Pink


Free sewing course from scratch (4)


Let’s first talk about the most basic thing: your stitching machine, how to use it and then we’ll start some easy exercises: stitching straight. I know you want to start straight off, with your first quilt, but let’s do first things first, I told you, it is a very basic course from scratch.


Free basic tutorial: Sew on that button


Ask people nowadays and they have to look up a tutorial on the net, to sew a button on! Buy new clothes, don’t pull the thread or your button is on the floor. As it’s done with a machine, no way you can save yourself, once pulling the thread. Let’s be honest it’s nature, you have to pull it! So let’s try to find a solution for all of us: those who like to sew it on by hand, those who like to use a helping device and of course those who just use their sewing machine to sew a button on.


Free sewing course from scratch (3): Fabric!


You’ve finally decided to learn how to sew, where before you thought it was an impossible task on top of everything else you have to do throughout your days. You’ve begun prioritizing and you know you’ll find the time to do it, well done. If your best friend wants to join in, you can turn it into a quilting bee, an evening with a friend, chatting away while sewing.


Sewing course to come, for beginners from scratch!


This post will offer you some info about my soon to start, free sewing course for true beginners, online in January 2015. For those of you not interested in sewing, don’t worry, there will be loads of other posts/subjects coming up too. But, I do want to help those people that really would like to start learning how to sew and have never tried to. Life is so busy, when working full time, so I want to make the course doable, not too much at once! We’ll walk the road together pace by pace!