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Blanquette de Limoux a pleasant bouquet of fine bubbles


With the optimum sunshine in addition to a balanced rainfall, we have here in the heart of Cathar country, 7,800 hectares of vines spread over 41 villages around Limoux (25km south of Carcassonne) produce the wonderful local delicious gem “Blanquette de Limoux”, with its sparkling effervescence. Watching bubbles in my glass, always has a mesmerizing effect on me, the tingling sensation the fine bubbles cause and the fact that Blanquette is the ideal pairing for so many dishes, makes it my favourite drink for the festivities.


The sommelier’s cup or tastevin


Living in the colourful Languedoc wine region, amidst grapes and wine, the perfect grape growing climate and terrain that extends from the sea to the mountains, it was only matter of time before I had to write about the tastevin, the old wine tasting-cup used by tasters and wine-producers. Carried and used by sommeliers and connoisseurs to sample and test the quality, maturity, clarity and colour of wines, it literally means “taste wine” (tâtevin, tâter = to taste), this solid historical item has an interesting story to tell. Available to be bought in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop!


Ori-Gin-al summer aperitif Gin based


A long way from being sold only at the chemist’s, being the poor people’s favourite drink: gin, the spirit of the past, is the newest hype with die-hard fans. Yes, my friends, GIN is IN, it’s the bartender’s favourite! And no, I’m not offering another gin tonic recipe, but a smooth, refreshing gin cocktail for a warm summer day, let me surprise you. (more…)

Our Ktembe aperitif “the” red wine of summer


To drink or not to drink an odd combination, is the question I guess. But our guilty pleasure is drinking a “Ktembe”, a South African aperitif known to my husband, on sunny summer days on our terrace. You see, in his young days my husband was in South Africa, he started off his trip in Fort Williams and travelled down Garden Root, to end down in Cape Town. At a wedding of his nephew Robert, he was offered an unusual aperitif and afterwards he discovered it was offered everywhere over there. A nice refreshing drink it is indeed and super simple to make! Watch out: it tends to go down pretty easy! (more…)