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The clock of my 50’s clicking over to 60


Born the 31st of December in 1957, so turning 60 soon… I always envisioned it to be a big birthday, an opportunity for reflection, a milestone. Or is age just a number after all? It certainly is the age where you do begin noticing the disconnection between how old you feel and how old you look. But then again it is also the moment where one knows what one will and will not tolerate, and will understand what things one wants to pursue, or not. What it certainly is not at all “the beginning of the end” as my mother would say!


Celebrating my birthday with an Indian Vegan buffet


A new year has begun, we ended the old one with my birthday and an Indian vegan buffet, based on some new cookbooks I just received. We cooked our own Indian feast at home, even explored traditional street food popular across India. Our palates discovered a world of spice-packed, fragrance rich, wonderfully flavoured food with intoxicating aromas. It was love at first bite, just simple and delicious home cooking, quick, easy and healthy recipes, with the family in the evening devouring complex, sweet, savory, a bit spicy dishes and homemade chutneys.


Bells are ringing… on New Year’s Eve


There are loads of decommissioned cloister bells to be found in the antique shops here in the region. And I must admit, when a bell, no matter how tiny or big, is stuck away somewhere on a flea market, its attraction magically weaves itself around me and I have no choice but to go, look at it and hear its chime. A desperate husband knows his fate… a new one will have to be hung up around the house. (more…)