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Choosing presents for every age


This year not being able to do extended shopping for Christmas presents, I had to rely on the Internet to order some of my presents. I bought loads of presents during the year on auctions for good causes, as I wrote before, but in the end you realize how much more you need and then with an ill husband, there is no way you can go shopping, so instead I spend hours on the Internet searching, to choose the right presents for every age. (more…)

Vintage Christmas with a blue china Broadhurst Ironstone jug


With Christmas on our doorstep, we all start thinking about our table décor, how to make our table sparkle, whether it’s a formal or relaxed dinner. For my parents the only way to set a table was with matching sets of dishes or china. Nowadays dreaming of vintage table settings at your rustic, nostalgic or just cosy parties, wedding reception, baby shower… setting the table with your vintage collections, is considered as “the” creative outlet! And who can resist designing a culinary stage including this blue china Broadhurst Ironstone lovely creamer or jug, with its blue pattern on white background, decorated with flowers and “The English scene”.


Measuring time with a vintage hour-glass egg timer


Doesn’t time pass quickly? After beautiful sunny days, November decided to serve up rainy, icy cold days here in the South of France, not the ideal weather when you have to go outside to feed donkeys, goats and chicken. We now just have one chicken and a rooster left, so finding that one egg a day is always a joy. Knowing how tricky boiling an egg can be, using a vintage hour-glass egg timer, the assistant in timing the cooking of the eggs, has always been handy. One adds charm to a vintage kitchen using an hour-glass egg timer as device to mark the duration of time in order to obtain the perfect egg.


Vintage kitchenware utensil: 19th Century Bully Beef Can Opener


One of the oldest models of can openers from England’s “bully beef”, this lovely Victorian cast iron can opener, from the 1860’s, in the shape of a bull’s head, produced up to the mid 1930’s, was originally made of cast iron and often painted red. The bull’s tail curls round, to form a handle. It is really a must for any kitchenalia collector.