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From equinox to solstice: Autumn


Our surroundings are getting covered in golden rusts, explosions of autumnal glow. The autumn foliage of our potted acer trees on our terrace, are a constant reminder too, the time of “reaping” has arrived. Golden, crispy leaves, chilly days, the sun bursting through the mist… it is quite clear that gone are the long summer days, and coming are the dark nights of winter. Now is the seasonal signpost in Earth’s orbit around the sun, the Earth is bathed evenly in sunlight only twice a year, on the equinoxes. Ethnic people celebrate this golden season by eating moon cakes and gazing at the moon.


Vintage Fantasia Arabian horse saddle


A phonecall from our friend Veronique of the horsestables, lured us over, as she told me she had another interesting item: an old used “Fantasia saddle”, worn by Arabian horses, during the feast of Fantasia, but still beautiful. With their unique beauty, this oldest breed in the world, aesthetically pleasing and loaded with top quality character, conquers your heart within seconds, not good when you’ve just lost your horse… (more…)