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You’re my pumpkin x


Pumpkins from our garden

Let’s talk about fruit, one that consists of 90 percent water… it’s a pumpkin! Yes love, a pumpkin is a fruit!  And it’s pumpkin season right now, want it or not!


Halloween’s eight-legged creatures

A little spider in our garden

A little spider in our garden

Do you live in Antarctica? No, well if you don’t like spiders, that’s the only place to go to have none, everywhere else, on every continent they are. If you suffer from arachnophobia, best not meet the Giant Huntsman spiders, as they have leg-spans of around 30cm! In France we only have a few dangerous ones. The one in the picture lives in the well in our garden.


Garden folk clad in rags and tatters: whimsical scarecrows.

Our neigbour's beautiful scarecrow

Our neigbour’s beautiful scarecrow

If only they had a brain…

Your garden suddenly becomes an extraordinary place, welcoming guests to a holiday party in a harvest-time décor, the kitchen smelling of scarecrow cookies. And it’s all about “him”, doing his solitary job! Made of all-natural materials, straw, wire, twine, old clothes, a crazy hat, all together, he is creating that very special autumn atmosphere. Yes of course, it is the unique, handcrafted, artistic, exciting scarecrow on display. Giving the birds a place to perch probably. (more…)

What’s up autumn?


Close your eyes and listen, do you hear some baroque music, violins playing… music from the 1723’s, must be Vivaldi’s “Autumn”, whilst looking out of the window to take in nature’s gorgeous views. We, that have seen or read “Anne of Green Gables,” actually don’t need words about the beauty of fall! (more…)

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