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Out of the blue


Spring a golden opportunity to go out and collect dye plant material and try it on a variety of fabrics and yarns: cotton and linen (plant fiber) and silk (animal fiber). What a wonderful world to collect: an abundance of forage!

The whole area here surprises us every day with new flowers, colours and discoveries.


Everywhere wild orchids pop up:


Teabags are ideal to dye with, my dad showed me how to colour my wedding dress (synthetic) with them but I always dreamt of trying nature’s colours. To be honest I only gave that a chance once in a blue moon, never really made time for it.

Pretty buttercups are everywhere, reminders of my gran, she was my buttercup!


Am thinking of rosehip, berries as they grow all around the house. I also have a big stack of turmeric that could do the job. So I went off for a walk in the fields with the dogs, a colour hunt!


Can’t help thinking of the loads of native tribes still making their own “natural” dyes. They give them original names too, might be an idea! The Navajo Indians, for instance, even have four “sacred” colours: blue-turquoise, white-white shell, black-jet and yellow abalone. Just love the name “white-white shell”.

The dandelions seen as a weed but ever so good to make jam with:


Have you ever dyed cotton with natural homemade dyes? Green light given for sharing your experience with me, pretty please!


I wanted to share these photos as they represent a tiny bit of my special kind of treasure hunt, take care and don’t forget to bring colour in this all too often black and white world! Show off your true colours.


Tickled Pink


Feeding birds in winter


I do hope you haven’t burned your Christmas tree yet, or thrown away? Just discard it somewhere in your garden and watch how it will become the hiding spot and shelter for birds in winter, whilst you marvel at their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours. Your children will be enthused about this aspect of wildlife: indoor bird watching with eagle eyes. Look at our main picture, even the wood pecker came to feed.


Christmas countdown: Advent wreath


Advent started (November 30, 2014), it is about time I started making my circle of evergreen branches, symbolizing eternal life, with its four candles, each one representing one of the four Sundays of the Advent, my Advent wreath. Traditionally there should be a fifth candle in the center, to be lit on Christmas Day. Advent, Latin for “coming towards”, my alarm bell that Christmas is near! Ah, Christmas family time and decoration time… Just look at how my friend Lizzy always creates everlasting beauty with her wreath (main picture), but then again she is a wonderful artist.


Recipe: Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth for a cream and vanilla flavored custard. Traditionally the entire surface is sprinkled with granulated sugar just before serving. The custard is then placed under heat so that the sugar quickly caramelizes and becomes brittle. Although this step can be omitted, the brittle sugar creates a delicious flavor and texture contrast to the smooth, creamy custard beneath. (more…)

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