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WWI 18pounder Field Artillery fired empty shell case


Look at these gems of my latest treasure hunt for the Woohoocuties’ shop: a beautiful double inkwell, a bundle of vintage keys and empty WWI war shell cases and one of them real trench art! I can imagine, certainly with the shell cases that non- military people have no idea what a wonderful story the markings at the bottom tell! So I thought I’d better write about them so that in case you buy one, you know what to look for.


Capture the living moments with this vintage double inkwell set


We should celebrate every birthday we’re given, and today it’s mine, always going hand in hand with the end of the year celebrations and welcoming 2016 ahead. Finding this magnificent vintage double inkwell set, I thought what better moment than today, to decide to start keeping a diary filled with things I’m thankful for, indeed confiding the rough gems of my own mind to a gratitude diary. I wish to be more in tune with the good things in my life and want to be fully aware of the best things that happen to me on every special day. What a wonderful way to record life and memories. (more…)

A doorstop as original vintage Christmas gift


Doorstops and door wedges aren’t the first thing people’d think of as an original new home gift or Christmas present, why not be the first do to so. They always add an interesting detail to any home, bring back nostalgia (remembering your gran’s house), decorative and functional they often invite comment and compliments. If you are a doorstop collector enthusiast, or just have a feline collection, you have to admit that this super cute, carved wooden sleeping, vintage cat is adorable.


Vintage music manuscripts in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop

main-two-music-page Don’t you love vintage sheet music? My favorite recycled paper is sheet music, the perfect background for all sorts of projects! Imagine my surprise when I came across packs of them in the local “trocante” here, in the South of France. Some were even handwritten, most of them printed, my guess is a local music conductor retired and got rid of them. (more…)

Retro Formica industrial 1950’s kitchen chairs Quillan France


This week I got a phone call from a good friend: “I’ve got retro, wooden/metal, industrial, 1950’s, kitchen chairs, originally made here in Quillan, for your shop”. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them, what a flash back in time. The retro glamour that lined 1950s compact kitchens and roadside cafés, hospital wards, train cabins, fountains and even luxury cruise liners, stood now right in front of me. These famous chairs, with their wipe-clean wonder surface, would sell like madness in Paris, so I am really happy, these real retro relics of chrome plated, solid wrought iron framework, , and quality, found their way to me.


The sommelier’s cup or tastevin


Living in the colourful Languedoc wine region, amidst grapes and wine, the perfect grape growing climate and terrain that extends from the sea to the mountains, it was only matter of time before I had to write about the tastevin, the old wine tasting-cup used by tasters and wine-producers. Carried and used by sommeliers and connoisseurs to sample and test the quality, maturity, clarity and colour of wines, it literally means “taste wine” (tâtevin, tâter = to taste), this solid historical item has an interesting story to tell. Available to be bought in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop!


Free recipe Rosette cookies a delight for your palate


When the French lady at the “vide grenier” (boot fair) explained me her wonderful childhood memories (for many who were children during WWII, they are) of how her gran made exceptionally tasty cookies with this vintage item, I was stunned, as I never heard of these “Rosette” irons. They do have a special place in the history of cooking as I found out later. Tools and recipes, have been passed down over the generations.  So of course I had to buy this item for my shop!


A set of screw back earrings a real vintage jewel


Do you dress up your outfit with a set of earrings, the modern “jewellery staple”? Are they your glam fashion statement, or have your pierced holes gradually resealed, because you stopped wearing them? Maybe you are on of the very few, having no pierced holes in your ears? We all know an old aunt with elongated ear lobes, because of the weight of a lifetime wearing earrings, or the saucy girl wearing hoops as a bold statement. The choice is abundant: droplet earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings, chandelier earrings, button earrings, dangle earrings and even safety pins! The most classic models are the slave and Creole styles as gold hoops. (more…)

Amazing vintage adornment YSL Gripoix four-leaf clover heart pin


Every Sunday we’re out searching treasures on the available boot fairs in our region, as now is the time for local markets to thrive. Once in while you stumble on an item you’d never expect to find on a “vide grenier”, a boot fair… Ironically the four-leaf clover is the symbol of good luck, imagine finding one and discovering its value. We stumbled onto a 1980 vintage Yves Saint Laurent Gripoix four-leaf clover heart pin.


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