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Apples “the” autumn dessert


Fall is prime apple season. The wonderfully warm, crisp scent of harvest apples, their heavenly aroma, makes delicious, healthy and mouthwatering desserts come to mind. Apples loaded with fibre, help preventing type 2 diabetes and protect against Parkinson’s, on top of that they maximise your antioxidant intake.


What’s for Christmas’ dessert?


Food as fuel, yes, but drinks and tantalizing desserts, are considered the nightmare of our figures. Maybe that is why “desserts” spelled backwards is “stressed”, I guess. The French, no strangers to desserts, will see an exuberant dessert and drool an ‘oh-la-la’. They know the famous “palate cleanser“ has a way to cheer people up and love being dazzled at the finish of a meal. And for Christmas the hopes are high! (more…)

Free recipe Rosette cookies a delight for your palate


When the French lady at the “vide grenier” (boot fair) explained me her wonderful childhood memories (for many who were children during WWII, they are) of how her gran made exceptionally tasty cookies with this vintage item, I was stunned, as I never heard of these “Rosette” irons. They do have a special place in the history of cooking as I found out later. Tools and recipes, have been passed down over the generations.  So of course I had to buy this item for my shop!


Philadelphia cheese cake with speculoos


When having visitors in summer, we tend to swap good recipes and try them out. I’m not very keen on sweet dessert or dessert in general, but I do have one recipe that’s worth sharing with all of you. I used to make it with my friend Miek for our children. The recipe leaflet was once included in a  Philadelphia cheese packet as a promotion stunt. We tried it out and it became our absolute favourite! (more…)

Woohoolicious Plum Jam and Plum Clafoutis


Last year, with no knowledge at all of how to, we pruned our plum tree, with as result: a non-fruit bearing tree that year. But our sturdy wild plum tree, doesn’t see this as a set back, in the excruciating heat we have here at the moment, it decided to produce an extra load of plums this year. Seeing its green foliage filled with yellow dots, we knew jam making was ahead, even with temperatures of 35° in the shade (on the terrace). Luckily we have my daughter, her family and a friend, all of them willing to volunteer harvesting our plums. (more…)

Delicious caramel toffees

What greater way to end the year in a retro, warm, cosy party atmosphere, delicious food and some good old fashioned dancing songs, loved by adults and children. So, I’m turning back the hands of time, straight back to my childhood, with soft and sticky, sweet crunchy candies… I’d like to share some of my few favourite ticklebellies: the tasty, gooey caramel candies, think even toffee apples, sold on fancy fairs. You don’t need to have a sweet tooth to love them. Are you tempted? (more…)