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Deck the Halls with a WOW Christmas tree


We all know that adding green plants into the home in general can help to promote a calming, and natural aura that can help to de-stress and relax as well. In the old days, evergreens were believed to keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness. We don’t see this custom anymore as pagan or heathen, the “Christmas” tree or “Holiday” tree, has become a luxury commodity, the promise of festivities, fun, family time, cosy moments.


Christmas countdown: Advent wreath


Advent started (November 30, 2014), it is about time I started making my circle of evergreen branches, symbolizing eternal life, with its four candles, each one representing one of the four Sundays of the Advent, my Advent wreath. Traditionally there should be a fifth candle in the center, to be lit on Christmas Day. Advent, Latin for “coming towards”, my alarm bell that Christmas is near! Ah, Christmas family time and decoration time… Just look at how my friend Lizzy always creates everlasting beauty with her wreath (main picture), but then again she is a wonderful artist.


Candles’ fragrant vintage glow


Coziness is the word that pops up in my mind this time of year, when there is the growing need to bring light into the darkness of the days. There is virtually no excuse not to go shopping for some new beautiful and scented candles in wintertime and to bring a romantic atmosphere in the house. The French would use the beautiful word “ambiance” to say it all.