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Hatpins from the capital of the French hatmaking industry


Where better to find an authentic hatpin, than on the local vide grenier/boot fair in Espéraza, the town known for its history of hat making industry here in the South of France. After all, fakes are a major thing in collecting hatpins. So I was lucky this Sunday, as amidst other interesting finds, I discovered some lovely hatpins on that local market. When my eyes, wondering on every stand, caught the sight of these beautiful and authentic hatpins, I had to buy them for my shop.


Free basic tutorial: Sew on that button


Ask people nowadays and they have to look up a tutorial on the net, to sew a button on! Buy new clothes, don’t pull the thread or your button is on the floor. As it’s done with a machine, no way you can save yourself, once pulling the thread. Let’s be honest it’s nature, you have to pull it! So let’s try to find a solution for all of us: those who like to sew it on by hand, those who like to use a helping device and of course those who just use their sewing machine to sew a button on.


Button Crazy

Woo Hoo Cuties buttons
Let’s not forget the icing on the cake: buttons, buttons, buttons… I can really be on pins and needles about them! How early do we not teach our children to button and unbutton? Who doesn’t search for the final, ideal button as a finishing touch. This item is already 5000 years old!