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Amazing vintage adornment YSL Gripoix four-leaf clover heart pin


Every Sunday we’re out searching treasures on the available boot fairs in our region, as now is the time for local markets to thrive. Once in while you stumble on an item you’d never expect to find on a “vide grenier”, a boot fair… Ironically the four-leaf clover is the symbol of good luck, imagine finding one and discovering its value. We stumbled onto a 1980 vintage Yves Saint Laurent Gripoix four-leaf clover heart pin.


Hatpins from the capital of the French hatmaking industry


Where better to find an authentic hatpin, than on the local vide grenier/boot fair in Espéraza, the town known for its history of hat making industry here in the South of France. After all, fakes are a major thing in collecting hatpins. So I was lucky this Sunday, as amidst other interesting finds, I discovered some lovely hatpins on that local market. When my eyes, wondering on every stand, caught the sight of these beautiful and authentic hatpins, I had to buy them for my shop.


Pin it, your vintage fibula


In the Bronze Age worn for decorative or embellishing use, a brooch looked different and was named different: fibula! They were simple round objects with a pin through it. Peasants or noblemen, men or women, they all wore them; although the more money you had, the more gems present!