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Spot spring’s gorgeous wild flowers

1springflowermainEvery year I’m eagerly looking forward to the first burst of spring color, brightening up those showery spring days and bringing the sunshine into my life with a gorgeous collection of daily surprises. Dense carpets of wild flowers appear as spring takes hold of my garden, they brighten up the late-winter gloom.


Solitary bees the fine grain of our local biodiversity


A weird, flying insect has taken up residence in a hole of our terrace stone wall. We’re always very alert, as we don’t want wasp nests, let alone “frolons”/hornets on our terrace (they’re massive, big wasps). We were wondering whether we had to fill up the hole and prevent the insect from coming back (which it did the whole time), till we had friends coming over who had more “nature” knowledge than us. “Don’t touch them, leave them, they are solitary bees!” was the answer we got. We said: “It looks nothing like a bee, more like a weirdo insect”!


Bee friendly to vintage wood


“Bee” quiet, sssst, listen do you hear them humming whilst being ever so active? Who makes this buzzing sound, indeed pollinator insects: the bees being happy. Gentle creatures they are, not at all attacking for no reason, as the wasps do, in this part of the country! We meet the gentle bees every day on our land and are treated with the sight of beehives in the field next door. (more…)