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Apples “the” autumn dessert


Fall is prime apple season. The wonderfully warm, crisp scent of harvest apples, their heavenly aroma, makes delicious, healthy and mouthwatering desserts come to mind. Apples loaded with fibre, help preventing type 2 diabetes and protect against Parkinson’s, on top of that they maximise your antioxidant intake.


Feeding birds in winter


I do hope you haven’t burned your Christmas tree yet, or thrown away? Just discard it somewhere in your garden and watch how it will become the hiding spot and shelter for birds in winter, whilst you marvel at their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours. Your children will be enthused about this aspect of wildlife: indoor bird watching with eagle eyes. Look at our main picture, even the wood pecker came to feed.


Tempting, mystical, forbidden fruit…


Writing on my Apple laptop, one could think I obtain some knowledge, alas it is only the symbol on my computer showing the bitten apple, logo of the famous brand, referring to the tree of knowledge.
“Apples”, a subject, brimming with symbolic meanings, able to make thoughts jump from New York to Newton, Shakespeare, even further to Homer’s Odyssey, not to mention Snow White and Eve and only proclaiming subjects as lust, temptation and love. Admit, even nowadays, the luring call of the apples will drag you to the kitchen to create wonderful dishes. (more…)