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A wonderful “short film” – project


And here I am again, after a long time… The sun has finally reached the South of France and today is the start of the Easter school holiday here in our region. The previous weeks were filled with producing a short film with my “Euro class”, a class of 6 pupils in the third year with extra option hours of English. Our project got its name, chosen by the pupils: “I dare u”.


Which witch hunt?

Bonfire on our terrace

Bonfire on our terrace

Wise women, healers for women and the poor, counsellors, midwives, pharmacists, herbalists … all of them called “hag”, “sorceress”, “witch”, “sibyl” or “Druidesses”. When hysteria took over, at a certain point in history, no compassion was shown! The ancient pagan tradition, revering the feminine, with its women cultivating and using healing herbs, gathering plants for different ailments, helping local sick villagers, underwent a reign of terror! Knowledge of local flora and fauna became a threat, as those women could possibly be too powerful and literally had to go. (more…)