Spot spring’s gorgeous wild flowers

1springflowermainEvery year I’m eagerly looking forward to the first burst of spring color, brightening up those showery spring days and bringing the sunshine into my life with a gorgeous collection of daily surprises. Dense carpets of wild flowers appear as spring takes hold of my garden, they brighten up the late-winter gloom.

Spring is a fantastic time to look for and be enchanted by its dazzling flowers, to stroll amongst the welcome splash of colour in the garden when few other plants are in flower.


You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming. Pablo Neruda


Wild flowers are more than a charming addition to the scenery. Wild flower meadows in your garden help our pollinators – birds, bees and butterflies. Sadly enough wild flowers are becoming rare, unfortunately wildflower meadows have been steadily in decline, and with the disappearance of wildflower meadows also disappeared an important habitat for many wildlife species.


Some are dainty or exquisite, some just sprout simple cheery vigor to the fields, others are stunningly beautiful, no matter how ephemeral they are, all of them are fluttering in the breeze and tossing their heads in sprightly dance.


Visitors just can’t help but reach for their camera to take pictures.


I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather, wherever you may be!


The fleeting beauty of spring flowers is increasingly unavoidable in my everyday place, the breathtaking splash of seasonal colour, the gorgeous explosions of blooming flowers. And I’m using the edible ones in our kitchen, that’s for sure.


And yesterday we heard the golden orioles for the first time again. Two couples visit our garden yearly and when these beauties have arrived, you can be sure summer weather is on its way!

All about flowers and charming bird songs,






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