Soon jewelry holders in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop

1jewelhangerJewelry is the perfect accent piece for an otherwise dull outfit. I like to put my necklaces and earrings away relatively neatly, otherwise they always end up a big tangled. I was always looking for ways to store my jewelry, till recently. My husband surprised me with a homemade gift: a wooden jewelry holder, and I just loved it. So we decided to let you all share the joy, we’re going to make some more and put them in the Woohoocuties’ shop!

Mine is hanging in the bedroom on the wall, next to the bed, ever so easy to just tuck my jewelry away before getting under the covers. The bedroom stays my place to go to rest and relax and needs to be free of the jumbled, knotted mess atop my dresser.

This wooden gem will look amazing against any wall, on mine I just showcase my jewelry and keep them on display at all times. Forget about stashing your jewelry away in some boring box, show off with what you have and use it as deco. It’s just a shame to tuck all your lovelies away!

From now on no, more messy, entangled necklaces and bracelets, or lost earrings, use these cute and functional wooden, homemade, unique boards. No more spending valuable time searching through your jewelry for the perfect necklace, in the morning, your dainty necklaces will now be organized. They’re worth taking mindful care off, whether it was a romantic gift or one you inherited, a valuable heirloom!

This is one in the make (without the brass hooks), made out of a wooden wine box:


Looking for an original gift for a birthday or housewarming party, or starting to fill up your box with possible Christmas presents to avoid the hunt at the end of the year? This might be the item for you!

Because your jewelry is special, don’t stash it away in a box where you can’t look at it! It’s another way to make a statement with your jewelry and could be the start of a fine collection… You no longer need to relegate your necklaces or earrings to the jewelry box, you can ditch it and keep your bling untangled with this brilliant storage solution.

I hope you’re as exited as I am and now you even can buy some more “pleasures” to own, knowing they’re a delight to wear and will pose no dilemma figuring out how to store them or show them off in all their glory. Ready to revamp your outfit?

Clutter free and organized


Ps: Soon to be found in the Woohoocuties’ shop, don’t forget to check regularly as this weekend loads of vintage buttons will pop up on there as well, I found several cuties in my gran’s sewing box, as vintage as can be!



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