Pin it, your vintage fibula


In the Bronze Age worn for decorative or embellishing use, a brooch looked different and was named different: fibula! They were simple round objects with a pin through it. Peasants or noblemen, men or women, they all wore them; although the more money you had, the more gems present!

And here are the French again, as the origin of the word comes from the French word “broche” meaning “long needle”. Want to know how old your vintage brooch is? The clasp, pin, and hinge are the easiest and most accurate way to date a brooch!

Old wife’s tale or not: my mum used to say whenever you get something that can prick you, even as a present, give a nickel to the person to ward off bad luck!

My favourite one is of course my gran’s: a tiny lizard with gemstones. Playing on the known fact that brooches have a mind of their own and often don’t go where you want them to go, I move mine during the day. Fun to see who reacts! And isn’t this cutie pretty?


The flower brooch, is an old one, found on the attic of one of the houses we lived in when I was a child. Always liked it, never worn it and now has come the time to find just the right dress to pin it on, adding a touch of vintage to what I’m wearing. Off I’ll go with my fashion accessory.

On Facebook you’ll find pages with brides’ bouquets made entirely out of brooches, great idea! But be aware, making them yourself, is not an easy thing to do! It takes several before you have that one special bouquet and those bouquets are a mix of “eclectic” colours, make sure it fits your wedding style.

Brooches have no size limits so… go ahead, don’t hold back! Magazines show them on belts. Some glamorous people wear them on their shoes, gloves, handbags or hats, attach them to their hair ribbons, some wear them as a pendant. Others make serviette rings, decorate their gifts’ ribbons with them. What about your key chain? There’s no excuse not to use or wear one, they complement your style and can be “sophisticated” or if you chose so “funky”! Just be careful not to damage the material you pin it on, remember the old trick: pin them on tiny sponges (inside)!

Certainly don’t hide your collection while waiting to wear them! Frame them so everybody can enjoy them when visiting you! Hang them on your curtains or scarfs for everyone to see!

The only thing not to do with brooches is what Oedipus did: “Oedipus embraced Jocasta and lowered her to the floor. He took two golden brooches (pins) from her robes, and plunged them into his eyes until he was blind, screaming that he no longer wanted to see the world now that he knew the truth.”

Do you have brooches? What attracts you when buying them? Do you wear them and how? Do you show them off when not wearing them? Give me a hint, send a picture of your collection!

Your dashing jewel


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