Vintage beds and handmade quilts


There are so many things I’m passionate about that are all stacked in my wishing well and once in a while dreams come true. This week marks the arrival of my very own stylish piece of furniture, being a grand addition to our bedroom. Behold the centerpiece of our room, our four-poster!

I envision and can’t wait to spend the night in my new fluffy bed, feeling the wealth of luxury evoked. It blends in so well with the actual décor, adding that special touch of romanticism to our bedroom.

I first discovered the bed of my dreams on an American site, having spent hours searching on the net. After a careful assessment of our bedroom space, determining whether the size of the frame would fit the measurements of our bedroom, we finally agreed on that stunning one, wich would fit the bedroom look we wanted to create.

We soon found out that they didn’t deliver to France (yep!), a detail we should have looked at from the beginning of course! I know, you can use shipping companies, but they need to know width, length, weight of the package and no one ever seems to be willing or knowing, don’t ask me why. So we dropped that thought.

Then we went for a nice wooden one, ordered it, guaranteed promised delivery within ten days. That’s when everything starting going ever so wrong, we even feared to have stumbled on a fraudulent site. Luckily problems were solved, money paid back, but result: still no bed. By that time, we already put our old bed upstairs and were sleeping on the floor on our newly delivered super king mattress, awaiting our dream delivery…

But, finally we found a beautiful, stylish, handmade metal one, to compliment our home, nothing better than one to one contact with the owner of a small business, the creator, the old fashioned craftsman (


My husband and I met as widower and widow and our heirlooms are precious to us, hence I couldn’t resist putting his first wife’s gorgeous, handcrafted bubble quilt on. It’s the perfect match to enhance the visual impact this four-poster creates in our sanctuary. Such a traditional design element, works very well with a quilt on top. She even arranged the puffs in such a way, that their colours form the family name initials.

These bespoke beds came into existence for utilitarian reasons, protection for draft and insects under the thatched roofs, keeping the warmth in and even illnesses. The rich were the privileged owners and half an hour before their bedtime, servants would warm their bed sheets, with old-fashioned bed warmers and lit the wood fire in the room. Servants, alas, never found their way to my house, but an electric blanket did!

So no time to write anymore, have to pay a visit to my precious jewel!

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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