Memory Lane pictures, a touch of family vintage


This old vintage frame is standing on my desk, showing my dad, at that time, having no idea of the treasure it would one day become.

It would be a real shame to throw such an object away, thus it has become one of my collectable and valuable pieces in the house. For some, inherited picture frames, add shabby chic or vintage style to their house, for me I just love them. And let’s be honest, it’s not the same to find a jewel in the abundance of a flea market, as to know it’s a hand me down from your very own family. Just look at the frame itself and the perfect cut glass:


We also love pictures by the staircase, in the kitchen, the living room, because that’s what we are: memories of family long gone by, all of them, still daily, telling us stories.


My husband once bought this old picture, mainly for the frame (he loves making frames and is very good at it), but ever since, this beautiful, unknown and mysterious lady enhances our house. His framing material is stuck in the garage on the other hand!

The significance of those intriguing, most fascinating old black-and-white photos, pictures of the past, moments captured on camera, gone for ever, none of them having the vibrant colours that surround us today, is priceless.


A mixed wave of nostalgia and history, falls like a veil over me when sifting through old-timey photos, listening to my mum telling her life story as vividly as the here-and-now, while showing me a selection from her collection, missing the good old days. Behind every photo lies one of her stories: on her bike smuggling butter over the border in wartimes, how they survived the war by my gran’s stitch work (men’s shirts handmade), the life on the farm… Old photos immediately serve her to travel back in time, showing places and loved ones as they were, everyday life captured in snapshots.

My dad was the best at this story telling through the ages. He used to be a sailor in his early days and I often begged him to write down his memories. Big was the disappointment, discovering right after his sudden passing, that his notes seemed to be lost forever, amidst all the clutter and boxes. Luckily half a year later, just by accident, we came across that so wanted memory book full of notes.

Vivid vintage pictures show us how things have changed over time and are to me, the most stunning pictures. I look at these old photographs as delicate objects, not because of the possible damage they might have undergone or might undergo, but just because they’re gorgeously nostalgic. They’ve become my priceless objects over the years. Not just “cool old stuff” as my youngsters would call them.

One wonders why people never smile on those pictures, but apparently smiling meant poor or drunk, whereas upper class were people of good character, so they all avoided smiling when being captured by the magic box.

I always smile when France comes into the history picture and I must admit it often does! The oldest known color photograph dates from 1872, offering us a view of Angouleme, France. A certain Louis Ducos du Hauron proposed that revolutionary method in 1869, but it took until the 1930’s before this method was perfected for commercial use.

Do you step back in time with your parents, your favourite aunt, this way? Have you got some vintage frames or do you download royalty free old photo frame images from the net? Do you love the old black and white or sepia vintage photographs and their frames?

Don’t hesitate to share some old, loved and historic photographs, depicting your relatives, with me, when using your search engine at home. I can watch them for hours.


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