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My guess: you’re as much a fabric enthusiast as I am, falling for the addictive qualities of choice of quilting fabrics, whether they are fat quarters or not. I will surely never run out of them. No matter how big my stash, there is a conspiracy going on, I have to drool over the vast ranges, the bundles of gorgeous fabrics, they keep alluring me. Yummy!

Then there always is the quest for original sewing ideas, the creative urge to give birth to just that one cutie with a twist. A good evenings’ handcrafting work: drawing a pattern, choosing some skin-colored fabric and vintage theme romantic fabric, of course some buttons, it creates an immediate feeling of joy seeing the finished, handmade doll itself. Fleur’s name popped up at the last moment, as if it had waited to be born with the last stitch. She now happily occupies my daughter’s living room cupboard, “Fleur gone walkabout” and now amazes her friends, when they discover her mum created her.
Handmade doll Fleur
Each of my dolls wears that wooden “Woo Hoo Cuties made by Anna “ button as signature. They’re always unique, as none of them are alike in design. Gradually, one by one you’ll discover them in my soon to open shop, Fleur’s friends, still happily living here, are patiently waiting to be adopted. My creations are meant for use as decorative item only though.

What most people don’t realize is that original handwork was intended for elementary clothing, that’s what the poor did it for, only the rich could afford the time to create unique home decorations.

Nowadays you pay to learn how to make simple quilts, crazy quilts, art quilts in hobby shops. Forever gone are the times when every woman could spin, weave and sew! (One of my friends had huskies and plucked the hair of her huskies and spun it to thread and actually knitted a pullover with it!).

Contradictory enough in a time of industrial machines and assembly lines, handmade is the new fashion, whether it’s clothing, house decoration or simple gifts for friends.

Me, I like the odd ones out, made on demand (colour, drawings and pattern). In our family every birth is blessed with a quilt and a handmade bear (chosen by the mums, my daughters in law or my daughter). Most of them end up as the start of a bedtime story, using one of the sewn pictures. Not one of them is to be found in a quilt book, all of them are compositions for that particular newborn star to be.

“Mum can you make a dragon for Senne?” and off I go, fantasy guides my fingers. The magic starts, the material is grabbed and the pattern evolves. Result: the craziest dragon ever seen is lying in the child’s bed within a day.

Quilting, patchwork, fabric craziness… your vintage hobby too? Please do share some of yours!

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