I wish you a safe haven


I wish you a safe haven, a welcoming shore.

I dream that people are awaiting you, bearing food and drinks and more.

I hope you’ll arrive safely and can sleep at night.

I pray you’ll never ever again, have to hide.

I want you to find shelter and care.

For you all, there is no moment to spare.

All gates should open worldwide!

We all feel ashamed that already more than one child died.


Let us all unite and share what we can.

No talks of a refugee ban.

Just simple words and action,

Turning lives around in a simple fraction.


May you spread your wings and fly happy again.

There is no grater shame on men,

Then refusing help or to see

Why people have to flee.


One world, one people, one dream, one hope.

We’re all pulling the same rope.

Keep families safe, share food and give them a roof above their head,

Too many children are already dead!


I wish you a safe haven, a welcoming shore,

And so many things more…




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