Handmade doll: Sunbeam



I’d like to give you a sense of the personal identity, character sewn with love into this friendly handmade doll. Sunbeam will quietly turn you in her gentle own way, into a sunny you. Winter or summer will be delightful with her and you’ll always be offered a look on the bright side of things.

Warning: It’s pretty much impossible not to fall for her! Nurtured by gentle sunlight stitches, she’ll be showing off her greatest personal traits: she’ll nestle in your arms with her undeniable charm or she might even brighten up your living room cupboard, watching family events unfold or cheer up your night table with that extra special touch of sunniness.

Sunbeam details

Sunbeam details

Unique in her own way, no one alike to be found, it will always be good to see her sunny personality.

So who wants to throw the red carpet out for her, she’ll be up for adoption soon? When you do, you’re the one to smile, all my dolls await the smile of their new family, hence, they wear no smile themselves.

Charmed by Golden


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