Handmade doll: Quigley, the scarecrow



The name of each of my handmade dolls (like Sunbeam, Flutterby, Dalibor Dudley Doodle), often pops up during the process of creating, sewing. It is, to me, a very important thing: naming my doll! It’s like a gift, given to me by my creation and it defines the character, personality of the doll, not to mention the fun process of the search.
I loved the name Quigley, found when searching through name lists and found out it is an Irish surname of ancient origins, deriving from the 12th century Gaelic “O’Coigligh”, which may derive from the word “coigeal”, meaning untidy person with long, flowing hair, denoting a ‘person with unkempt hair’, in other words: messy hair. The Irish will tell you it means very simply: unruly hair, unruly appearance.

Then again the ones that claim it to be an English surname, from the middle English “quik” or Old English “cwic”, will tell you it means “lively”, describing an agile person. Although it could also refer to a place where cinch grass (a quick-growing grass) grew.

Nice to know that it refers to a distaff too, a tool used in spinning to hold unspun fibers and keep them untangled. And weird enough as an adjective “distaff” is used to describe the female side of a family, the maternal side, although the name is most often used as a male name.

Quigley is also a British army term for using one bullet of a sniper rifle, to kill two men. My Quigley will have to chase the prey birds away and if he manages to do that two by two, excellent! My husband keeps on telling me stories about a famous sniper in the First World War, two soldiers, one of them carrying a block with a false head, lured the enemy snipers and the other one shot them.

Quigley details

Quigley details

Whether my boy Quigley is a descendant of Coigleach or not, a scarecrow is supposed to be an untidy person, he has no choice fighting the weather. His name refers to the quality strong and that he will be, standing alone and fierce, watching a garden or even a room.

So I offer you a lively, agile, wise scarecrow with indeed a bit of messy hair and maybe looking a bit untidy, but that is exactly what a scarecrow should be. A loner, strong on its own, who will be guarding you, your land or harvest, whilst brightening up the autumn season, even your very own Halloween party. I hope he gives his new owner a smile on his face, a proud feeling of being protected. I wish he might remind us that even when standing alone in life sometimes, or thinking we are on our own, that one can be strong and withstand the storms or lurking predators, in whatever shape or form they show themselves to us. When things happen in your life and you decide it’s the final last straw, one look at Quigley might make you smile and realize things are not that bad after all. He offers an honest, gentle, engaging, educational, strawman’s proposal, provoking and leading the way to always better proposals in life!

With or without a brain, a scarecrow can be a lovely character, as common sense and insight and so many other qualities guide him through life. Even though we sometimes encounter people with frightening behavior, around us, it doesn’t always mean immediate danger. An untidy looking person can be a swell guy, even if he is skinny and looks like a scarecrow!

Made of straw, the food of the animals, a scarecrow offers thoughts of hope, prosperity and protection. Look at the bright side, scarecrows offer the promise of harvesting, plenty enough.

And we all love to harvest, so let Quigley, my new handmade doll, help you to harvest all the good things of life, up to you to enjoy them every minute along the way! With his unique personality he’ll be your vigil protector, offering you a grand harvest bounty in life! He’ll surely make you smile, for that alone we should love him.

Clicking her red shoes, whirling around and away


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