Handmade doll: Flutterby



There are over 28,000 species of butterflies (80% in tropical regions), so why create a new species? Well, I couldn’t resist the beauty and symbolism of the butterfly.

I’ll never sew, when I’m down or not okay, I really believe that my stitches transfer feelings, so why not insert good vibrations, intended to be woven in the basic structure, while creating.

Whilst sewing each doll, carefully choosing its name, I ponder and wonder what this handmade doll could offer the one that adopts her. What will she take on her wonderful journey, her walkabout, to share and offer? Will the smile magically be brought upon her face with the warmth and bliss she carries along?

Flutterby is pure joy, playfulness, having a lightness of being. In a very subtle way, just by seeing her, you’ll be reminded of her very important butterfly message, in times of vulnerability. She’ll whisper: “Get up, move, dance” when life becomes a bit too difficult and you’re feeling stuck, forgetting how to fly. A butterfly needs just that tiny puff of air, to float upon any breeze, before dancing in the sky.

Flutterby details

Flutterby details

Cause if we don’t move, we can’t dance and we should, even if that transformation demands loads of energy! I know, sometimes it feels easier to wrap yourself in a blanket and forget about emerging again, just like the chrysalis, before becoming a butterfly.

This wonderful being carries an invitation, the magic of believing just once more. It gently whispers: ”Set negativity aside, go for metamorphosis, carry on, keep faith”, even if that means “change a lot”, do it anyway with grace and lightness! As that is what butterflies do, they adapt to their environment and the climatic conditions.

Follow the example of the Native Americans and whisper your wishes to Flutterby and become a new being. Morph and then embrace the ever finer, new you. Sense the harmony of life, sleep and dream away the bitterness. Go for the wild realms of your dreams!

The Blackfoot Native Americans believe, butterflies bring sweet dreams, that’s why their women embroider them on babies’ clothes. In the Hopi tradition, they even have butterfly clans. Their unmarried girls wear their hair in the shape of butterfly wings. Japan, on the other hand, assures you they bring marital bliss!

So, come on, go, float with Flutterby, my new handmade doll and keep on dancing through life, like a butterfly.

Spreading her wings of joy and fluttering happily away


PS: My dearest friend Lizzy made the drawing of the butterfly on her dress, so I could sew it.

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