Handmade “anti-bullying” doll: Dalibor Dudley Doodle


Meet my new handmade doll: “Dalibor Dudley Doodle”!

In a time were loads of children are bullied, ridiculed, for no matter what reason, I think we should spread the message that nobody has to be harassed, seen the harsh consequences of those actions. So that’s why my Doodle handmade doll is made funny, weird, different and in this way expressing: you can be different and being “you” is good!


September, the beginning of a new school year, seemed fit to me, to create this doll and add an anti-bullying message. We’re all cute, in our own way, just fine the way we are, no matter what society tells us! Therefore, I chose his first name: “Dalibor”, meaning “fight” (coming from the Slavic “borit”), so this doll tells us all, to fight off negative behavior and to speak up, for victims of it. The first part of this word means “far away” (from the Slavic word “dall”), let’s not drive each other away, but try to live together in harmony. The middle name “Dudley” is old English and means “people’s field”. It is our field, our world, so let’s enjoy it together!

When in the early 17th century somebody called you a doodle, they meant you were a fool or simpleton. We all know what “to doodle” means nowadays. The verb originated from “to dawdle”, actually meaning you’re wasting time or are lazy. Forget the old meaning of “doodle”, meaning to make a fool of. One can have humour, but to make fun of somebody is a totally, different thing.

Therefore Dalibor, Dudley, Doodle will help his new owner, to stay focused on good things in life, to always grasp the concept of love and being loved, no matter how different one is. This crazy stuffed animal is unique, one of a kind and just one look at him sitting on your bedroom cupboard, will be a reminder, to smile and enjoy life, to be crazy, do fun things, to make the world a more colourful place to live in, tainted by love and understanding.


We all have the magic to put a smile on his face! Wishing youngsters or any people in need, loads of strength to carry on and reassuring them, that there are still loads of nice people around, strong enough, to stand up for you all! Never give up: Dalibor!!!


Happy, sewing and creating, wishing for a better world



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