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Ask people nowadays and they have to look up a tutorial on the net, to sew a button on! Buy new clothes, don’t pull the thread or your button is on the floor. As it’s done with a machine, no way you can save yourself, once pulling the thread. Let’s be honest it’s nature, you have to pull it! So let’s try to find a solution for all of us: those who like to sew it on by hand, those who like to use a helping device and of course those who just use their sewing machine to sew a button on.

So you’ve lost a button and want to sew one back on. Take your item of clothing and put the middle of the closing sides on each other. Put a pin vertically through the buttonhole so you can mark the exact position of the button on the inner side of your clothing item. The button actually starts at the beginning of the middle line (see picture):IMG_1805

Always sew a button on with a double thread!

Let’s think about the average button: has buttonholes or a small ring under it. The one with holes, gives you some different possibilities to sew it on:


Depending whether your button is used for thin or thick fabric, you have to make sure you’re clothing is not squashed together by the button! You can use a match on top of the button to give it that extra space. Hold the button in your left hand (when you’re right handed and on the right spot of course), put a match on top and then just simply sew the button on.


Buttons that require a steady positioning, often get an extra button attached:


In the army if a button comes off, no way to go on a parade, seven days in jail! My husband brags he can sew buttons on that never come off. Can you? A buttoneer is actually a plastic help item to sew a button, it saved my husband’s life a few times he says. I never had items like that, I used my needle and my thread!


Curious which method you prefer










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