Fluttering cute Butterflies


One of my granddaughters, spending a whole month’s holiday here, just came joyfully hopping by, shouting she saw an orange butterfly. It clearly brought some bliss into her life, reflecting its colours amidst her surroundings.

They do lighten up our days, these beings of lightness and playfulness, sprinkling joy along their way. Maybe that is why they’ve always been honoured in cultural myths? On the day my father died, we encountered the species you can see in the picture: moth or butterfly, what do you think? We go for moth.

Transformation, who doesn’t experience that process in life? Life never is what you start off to create or supposed to have, it changes its course along the way and expects us to butterfly, to transform and adapt. This impressive process of demanded metamorphosis, can be a little too overwhelming, even very difficult.

There are so many wise lessons, given answers to be learned from the old myths: the Greek ones represent Psyche (meaning “soul”) in the form of a butterfly… And she is, of course, forever linked with love by her Greek God Eros or as the Romans call him Cupid. I do believe love is the answer, the path through transformational experiences, no matter how hard they can be thrown on our paths! So for me, whenever I encounter a butterfly, I smile and feel touched by a bit of love in the air, a pallet of colours warming my very heart and soul.

The mystery unraveled: life is all about flight. Embark! Flutter through life with your very own colours and find love along the way, don’t stop too long! Just keep on moving and let the gentle air carry you as if on angels’ wings. Feel tropical, exotic and free! Experience flight and wonder!


I know this one is a dragonfly, but I found this cutie in a yoghurt jar, ready to go for recycling, how it got in, no idea. But, I had to take a picture of the little fellow and assure you it was set free and flew happily ever after.

Wishing you countless flights in your very own miracle habitat! And please, don’t forget to tell me whether you have host plants for butterflies in your garden? Which ones? We can’t welcome them enough!

Feeling it tingle in my heart: why not sew a butterfly doll?

Fluttering by


Ps: Did you know that wedding rice now even comes with butterflies?

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