The colour spots of autumn


Summer-like days set ablaze with colour, the countryside is gloriously pretty as nature transforms stunningly. November is the month to be dazzled by Mother Nature’s fall foliage display.

The chilly month of November, with its crisp air, has indeed arrived, temperatures dip lower. You can seek warmth in the best golden colours that nature has to offer, when the maturing sun entering the sign of Sagittarius is just not setting at all on nature’s autumnal metamorphosis.


Nighttime arrives earlier and temperatures begin to drop.


“Autumn is the hush before winter” according to a French proverb. Autumn’s pictorial experience makes one feel alive, wrapped in a rare colour-changing phenomenon of natural color palettes, carpeting the ground. Fall’s foliage showcases in outstanding bright, brassy colours.


Embrace the mood of the season, whilst its kaleidoscope of colours, autumnal reds, browns and yellows, are sweeping through the season of mists, giving a mystic atmosphere to most places. Magic is happening.


November’s subtler palette offers fields of gold, blackberries, apples and mushrooms, rich reds, burnt oranges, cinnamon and deep golden tones of autumn. We’re surrounded by nature, gradually donning its most brilliant hues.


Our French neighbours surprised us a few evenings ago, with a beautiful local dish of their mushroom harvest.


Winter’s splendour is creeping up on us and makes us realise our lives are following the seasons.


Let’s fall in Love with Autumn, the season to behold,









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