The clock of my 50’s clicking over to 60


Born the 31st of December in 1957, so turning 60 soon… I always envisioned it to be a big birthday, an opportunity for reflection, a milestone. Or is age just a number after all? It certainly is the age where you do begin noticing the disconnection between how old you feel and how old you look. But then again it is also the moment where one knows what one will and will not tolerate, and will understand what things one wants to pursue, or not. What it certainly is not at all “the beginning of the end” as my mother would say!

In my family on mother’s side, women tend to become 95! Losing my first husband at the age of 44, I soon realised just how precious life is and how important it is to make every minute count and that nothing valuable comes easy and discomfort is part of growth!


Life will be getting shorter from now on, so all the reason the more to be passionate about being in the moment and enjoying life to the last drop. This is the time to concern myself to add “not more years to life, but more life to years, it’s all about embracing my age and loving who I am now, to age happily, healthy and positive.

I believe it’s essential to push myself even more if I want to keep my brain sharp and body fit. Time to eat less, keep weight down and energy levels up. Enjoying my Hatha yoga helps me to stay vital, strong, very physical and very agile.

I do wonder: “What have I learned that really matters?”


Maybe understanding that every year has been a privilege,not to dwell on what went wrong in my life,


but taking time out each day to notice what went right


and being grateful for what I have.


A time to declutter, focusing on using “less” and “fewer” correctly!

Continuing to do the right things because it’s the right thing to do, without expecting anything in return, as to me my values are one of my only possessions I have that no one can take away from me!


Grandparenthood was a beautiful revelation, a heart-stopping beautiful miracle happening all over again.


Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now. Veronica Roth

If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane. Robert Frost

Anyhow the best is yet to come… happiness, peacefulness, joy and the smallest of things thrill me.


Ready to take on each day as an adventure. I’ll never stop trying to learn and grow. I’m taking turning 60 in my stride and will relish this new decade, each day, week, month and year I want to give 100% maximum effort.

I will do this by savouring every moment, valuing every second, counting my blessings, as there is still so much to do and life is so precious to me.


Life after 60 will be whatever I make it, dancing in the streets filled with self- love and true inner peace,


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