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This year not being able to do extended shopping for Christmas presents, I had to rely on the Internet to order some of my presents. I bought loads of presents during the year on auctions for good causes, as I wrote before, but in the end you realize how much more you need and then with an ill husband, there is no way you can go shopping, so instead I spend hours on the Internet searching, to choose the right presents for every age.

Ideal presents for men, women, children of all ages, are so difficult to find, it took me hours of searching online! And prices are all made for people with tons of money. So I thought, why not let you share in my choices for the festivities, it might be nice to note down the ones you love, for next year’s Christmas or upcoming birthdays. By now everybody got theirs, so I can safely put my secrets online.

Ladies first:

My daughter’s idea to send me a surprise bunch of flowers (home delivered), was more than welcome (see main picture).

For women and teenager girls, do not doubt, one of the diaries or notebooks of “Paperblanks” is “the” thing to have. They come in any colour and style and are just charming and super handy to have in your handbag or just lying about in the house.


For just that little cutie present what do you think about the Vakind Loch Ness monster soup ladle, come on, ever so cute!


Cupcake foam balls are so in, and can add that extra touch to another present!

Of course Christmas decorations on their own can be the best gift, go for the theme they like and each year, you can add some to their collection!

The magazine “Daphne’s Diary” is an absolute must have for vintage lovers. They always come with loads of gifts (stickers, postcards…) and their diary is absolutely sublime. Sadly enough I can’t take a yearly subscription from France, but loads of other countries can! Do check out their website:

A thermal vintage style flask (for your hot chocolate?) with a unique romantic cup to go along…


And what about those cute little vintage suitcases, always good to put something in them, you can’t have too many!

Even old fashioned doormat rolls, to hang up to that so annoying beam that gives everybody a headache is suddenly a special decorative item.


The gents:

For the tough son in law or any man in the house that needs that very special tool to work with every day: The Leatherman Super tool, not cheap, but a lot better and long lasting than its actual cheaper non brand versions.1christmaspresmanumes

Of course the classic wash bags, themed or not are always useful. We went for a Star Wars one this year too. Taking care of yourself has become a men thing too!

For the kitchen chefs, what about this olive serving tray, bought in a good cause auction:


I know we all have a Kindle, but a new real book to read is a must have. Chose a theme to his interest and buy the book. Nothing is more lovely than getting a new book to snuggle up with.

I nearly fell for the vintage popcorn machines, they’re so cute!

For my husband the choice was easy: a good bottle of Glenmorangie whiskey. But here again I had to be very attentive, the bottle itself was more expensive than the sold composition of a bottle and two grand whiskey glasses in a box!1christmas-glenmorangy

The elderly women:

My mum can’t resist a nice handbag so whenever I see a handy model, I stack it away for Christmas!

The very young children:

Of course some fluffly toys, although they do have too many but Olaf from Frozen… I had to have him. My grandson is into the pirate theme, so Playmobil pirate boats and pirates had to be packed! The Lego “Darth Vader “was one of my choices too! You can’t go wrong with Lego!

Creativity natural rock art for young girls or boys, paint your very own rocks, loads of creative ideas and hours of fun!1christmasprestabitha

Teenagers :


I just love the Solar Robot Kit. Youngsters have to build it themselves and get an insight in modern technology and afterwards have a super cool robot. A must have gadget. Loads of choices!1christmas-ethan

I still believe in old-fashioned board games, any games whatsoever.


So of course I do go to them when looking for gifts for teenagers. I couldn’t say no to the fun game “Suspend”!


For the dog lover, why not buy that super dog collar as original present for him and his dog.


What about Alex Toys Craft and ecological intimate journal or friend’s book, ideal for the young teenager girl with loads of scrapbooking ideas and things to do. After all, the diary is again a today’s thing!


My best advice: shop until you drop the whole year through for the best cards, the best gifts and stack them away. Keep a list of persons destined to get one of your presents in your wallet, whether it’s birthday or Christmas present, and note down, in your very own cute notebook of course, what you bought and for whom. Finding the right presents the last moment, is a nightmare. I always try to give what I would also like to get and what will be really used!

Compare prices online! I did my shopping for the first time online and was shocked to compare English prices to the French ones, omg! Often here everything was twice as expensive as in England! I still can’t believe it!

Remember when you have to send presents off by mail, check it out with your local post office. Here in France everything over 3cm height is very expensive to send away… and postal costs changed (from the 1st of January) suddenly… Then again for one euro and a half you can buy the boxes of the post and you’ll have a tracking number!

I bought simple brown wrapping paper and used red decorated ribbons or natural ropes, bought a long time ago when they were on sale. Each packet got a cute sticker, some vintage, some really Christmas style, to go with, as a reminder whose it was.

Off course the cute scissors, washing pegs, sugar pin, spoons, jewels in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop are possibilities also…

All presents stacked under the Christmas tree or in a lovely basket, they made my festive holidays, after all the best fun is in the choosing and giving!


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