Celebrating my birthday with an Indian Vegan buffet


A new year has begun, we ended the old one with my birthday and an Indian vegan buffet, based on some new cookbooks I just received. We cooked our own Indian feast at home, even explored traditional street food popular across India. Our palates discovered a world of spice-packed, fragrance rich, wonderfully flavoured food with intoxicating aromas. It was love at first bite, just simple and delicious home cooking, quick, easy and healthy recipes, with the family in the evening devouring complex, sweet, savory, a bit spicy dishes and homemade chutneys.

With Indian food, some of it dates back five thousand years and each region of India has its own style of cooking and distinct flavours, you enter paradise with at least a dozen different herbs and spices, just think ginger, warm and sweet, tamarind, slightly bitter, cilantro, zingy fresh…


I just love the fact that Indian food has such vibrant colours and is almost always prepared with fresh ingredients,


thus bursting with flavours. Indian cuisine offers mouth-watering delicacies.


If you don’t like Indian cuisine, it is mostly because of its reputation for spiciness, coming largely from chili peppers, don’t use them in the dishes. Although, I must say watch out when alternating recipes, so that they don’t turn out to be too bland, they do need that extra kick in it. Dare to be spontaneous and embark on a new culinary adventure, dare to wake up your taste buds, Indian food is diverse and wide-ranging! All these recipes are easier to prepare than you may think, you don’t need a clay-oven to cook Indian food.


In India, cooking is an art that is handed down from generation to generation. Luckily there are loads of excellent cooking books and recipes online to help us to create our very own menu. For our vegan buffet we used this book: “Vegan Indian Cooking” by Anupy Singla, but the Internet provides loads of delicious dishes too, just one example:


After watching the documentary “Cowspiracy “ on Netflix, we decided to go for vegan recipes (although having meat eaters in our family), each member of the family chose 3 recipes to their taste and that’s how we ended up with a magnificent buffet. Everybody loved discovering the fabulous wealth of India’s aromatic and exciting meat-free recipes.


For those of you who love to watch “food” movies, pick the film “ The hundred-foot journey” and meet Hassan Kadam, having a superb taste for cooking. Join him on his trip to the South of France (Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val), where his dad decides to open an Indian restaurant… Or watch “The Marigold hotel” and “The second best Marigold hotel”, to be swept away with Indian music and atmosphere.


The simple and delicious plant strong recipes, inspired by Indian roots, indeed tantalized our palates. Our love of Indian food now knows no bounds.

Flavourful, tried and loved!



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