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Greening up manmade fabrics


A lifestyle choice does matter. Let’s begin clearly with the main point I believe in: you decide what feels like the best choice for you in your life. If everybody tries to do their best, whilst some will say it isn’t good enough, I say it is definitely better than doing nothing. So my question today: did you ever think about bananas or coconut as basic clothing material? Style up your game: manmade fabrics are greening up!


Make your own DIY reusable cloth produce bags


More and more cities are banning plastic bags at grocery and other stores. But if you’re avoiding plastic and buy bulk, loose veg, rice, coffee, nuts, potatoes, lentils you can’t just drop them in your general shopping bag. So why not make your own reusable drawstring (easiest closure!) cloth produce bags? If you tend to use 10 plastic produce bags a week to house your shopping, you’ll save 500 plastic bags this year!


Lovely vintage wooden lace sewing kit full of surprises


Isn’t this nice antique wooden sewing kit super, with its turned bobbins? It looks quite plain, but contains hidden secrets: needles can be stowed away inside the handle and the bobbins can be unscrewed and you’ll find the spikey pin. The pin was and still can be used as a hole punch to create an eyelet by forcing the weave or fabric apart (pattern pricker).


The daunting job of inserting a zip


Seeing my friend Chris stitching dresses for the daughter of a friend, made me aware that putting a zip in, no matter how, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. She granted me to take pictures of her work and to show what could go wrong when putting a zip in. So these three colourful dresses are her work, watch and learn!


Free sewing course from scratch (4)


Let’s first talk about the most basic thing: your stitching machine, how to use it and then we’ll start some easy exercises: stitching straight. I know you want to start straight off, with your first quilt, but let’s do first things first, I told you, it is a very basic course from scratch.


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