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Free sewing course from scratch (3): Fabric!


You’ve finally decided to learn how to sew, where before you thought it was an impossible task on top of everything else you have to do throughout your days. You’ve begun prioritizing and you know you’ll find the time to do it, well done. If your best friend wants to join in, you can turn it into a quilting bee, an evening with a friend, chatting away while sewing.


Sewing course to come, for beginners from scratch!


This post will offer you some info about my soon to start, free sewing course for true beginners, online in January 2015. For those of you not interested in sewing, don’t worry, there will be loads of other posts/subjects coming up too. But, I do want to help those people that really would like to start learning how to sew and have never tried to. Life is so busy, when working full time, so I want to make the course doable, not too much at once! We’ll walk the road together pace by pace!


Vintage beds and handmade quilts


There are so many things I’m passionate about that are all stacked in my wishing well and once in a while dreams come true. This week marks the arrival of my very own stylish piece of furniture, being a grand addition to our bedroom. Behold the centerpiece of our room, our four-poster!


Love for a Handmade Doll

Sewing Kit
My guess: you’re as much a fabric enthusiast as I am, falling for the addictive qualities of choice of quilting fabrics, whether they are fat quarters or not. I will surely never run out of them. No matter how big my stash, there is a conspiracy going on, I have to drool over the vast ranges, the bundles of gorgeous fabrics, they keep alluring me. Yummy! (more…)