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A marvelous French spring


It’s been a while, but as tons of family paid us a visit, there wasn’t much time to write. So here’s a quick hello from me, now that spring has sprung upon us in full force. I just had to share these dazzling spring flowers and creepy crawlies we’ve encountered whilst crossing the rejuvenation of nature on our path this last month.


A wonderful “short film” – project


And here I am again, after a long time… The sun has finally reached the South of France and today is the start of the Easter school holiday here in our region. The previous weeks were filled with producing a short film with my “Euro class”, a class of 6 pupils in the third year with extra option hours of English. Our project got its name, chosen by the pupils: “I dare u”.


Lost but not found, how to find a runaway dog


Spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining brightly and warmer temperatures see the day. Time to mow the lawn and start getting the garden ready for a beautiful outdoor summer. Alas spring brings lovely smells in the air, it is ever so tempting for dogs’ noses and urges them to wiz off and explore the land outside your garden.


Under the influence of influenza

The first signs of spring have arrived, birds are singing, lizards are everywhere, and finally the sun has popped up, after days of pouring rain, announcing spring and a soon to be holiday filled, as usual, with loads of visitors. And there is me, puffing around, still under the influence of the flu I had earlier, carrying a basket of immense fatigue and a horrible cough. It’s as if all energy has been drawn out of my body and each one of my cells, is telling me off.


Choosing presents for every age


This year not being able to do extended shopping for Christmas presents, I had to rely on the Internet to order some of my presents. I bought loads of presents during the year on auctions for good causes, as I wrote before, but in the end you realize how much more you need and then with an ill husband, there is no way you can go shopping, so instead I spend hours on the Internet searching, to choose the right presents for every age. (more…)

Make the dust fly with vintage feather dusters


Easter the time of year for the commotion of decluttering, dusting and of course spring cleaning, let’s do it in style. Did you know that feather dusters made from the outer layers of an ostrich’s feathers are ideal for your furniture? They of course won’t scratch it, they build up static electricity when rubbed and thus will capture dust and most important of all: will hold the dust, till you shake them out! And I’m not even talking about their durability. As you can see ours are well used.