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Lethal danger: The pine processionary moth’s caterpillar


Living in France for over 10 years I was warned from the early days, when horse riding, to avoid the nests of the pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa or PPM). Recently I got a call of some friends, their dog was not well, breathing heavily, drooling and having a blue tongue after been in contact with these caterpillars. I immediately advised them to go to the vet, knowing the danger involved for their dog.


Our pet donkeys gentle, lovable, super smart ongulates


These hardy, smart, curious and contemplative and almost disease-free fascinating members of the equine family, with their sweet faces and gentle, intelligent natures, make the most wonderful loving pets, naturally loving children, being quiet and reliable. Don’t you love their large ears (help to keep them cool). (more…)