Capture the living moments with this vintage double inkwell set


We should celebrate every birthday we’re given, and today it’s mine, always going hand in hand with the end of the year celebrations and welcoming 2016 ahead. Finding this magnificent vintage double inkwell set, I thought what better moment than today, to decide to start keeping a diary filled with things I’m thankful for, indeed confiding the rough gems of my own mind to a gratitude diary. I wish to be more in tune with the good things in my life and want to be fully aware of the best things that happen to me on every special day. What a wonderful way to record life and memories.

One day, future generations may find it and get a glimpse of what I used to be like, they might decide to enter my spider web collection of thoughts, ideas and memories. One person could bear witness to my inner life and struggles, read what genuinely interested me, or what I felt most strongly about.

Just look at me playing with my nephew such a fond memory and ideal bookmark for my diary:


There are some conditions though for this emotional journal writing, I have to be able to marvel at the beauty of my private journal of notes and ideas, it does have to have a real glorious hard cover. I want to document my days, being able to turn pages, re-read passages of boosting happiness of long gone by. My retro journal embellished layout, must grow into my very own storybook, filled with left bookmarks, photos, lovely tags or cards, some added background colours, dried flowers, tissue or even burlap pieces, occasional notes and quotes, the odd giant letter, stamps, themed stickers, polka dots and some shooting stars.


Writing this gem will require of course time. So I’ve decided to record my reflections just before bedtime, thus carving the memories deeper in my own mind. Just have an hour taken for me and my diary, long enough time to transfer my thoughts onto paper, to write anything I want and everything I love in there, moments to develop my thoughts.

I know loads of people nowadays just stick to their blog or other ways of recording their lives on social media, but I want to put pen to paper.


Our brains were not designed for reading or writing, but have adapted and created new circuits to understand letters and texts, so let’s encourage it. And moreover, research by the Journal of Experimental Psychology indicates that “writing about our feelings, can reduce stress and lessen intrusive thoughts about negative events”. But you’d better do it with your whole heart, as one can’t make habits forcefully.

So 2016, I want to be present with my very own self, fully inhabit my inner life, to enjoy some solitude, to keep my creative juices flowing, whilst getting organized in style. I’ll be looking at the past in a gentle way, being provided with inspiration to move forward.

Hoping and wishing that you’ll all remember that life is short, urging you to break some rules, to forgive quickly, to love truly of course, and to laugh uncontrollably, never regretting anything that made you smile.

Dear readers: I wish you a “Happy New Year” without teardrops x





Thanks for following my blog, now ending with the final dot of the year 2015 but not before I send a virtual hug to my son in law who is my blog advisor and saviour.



PS: Yes, the inkwell is to be found in the shop!

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