Buying handmade dolls, vintage objects

Part of a quilt for my granddaughter

Part of a quilt for my granddaughter

I got some questions of friends asking me how they could order or buy my handmade dolls or vintage objects. So I’ll try to provide some answers in this post.

I’d like to open the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop offering a parade of choice of handmade and vintage items and am really busy preparing all this. It’ll take some time though, as loads of preparations have to be done, so if you have a question or if you have fallen for one of my dolls, vintage objects, don’t hesitate to contact me, even though the shop is officially not opened yet.

What can you expect when you order an OOAK handmade doll made by Anna from Woo Hoo Cuties?

My cuddle worthy dolls are handmade, thus unique and one-of-a-kind and dedicated to gently coat you into a wonderful world of imagination. They’re sewn with love and attention, an eye for detail and a touch for fabric by me, Anna, professional seamstress. The style is mostly primitive, nostalgic. Materials and fabrics are used and chosen with great care. Each doll wears a wooden Woo Hoo Cuties’ button.

My dolls are no toys, but ideal for display or companionship, rather than play objects for young children.The price of each of my dolls will depend on how long I took loving care, creating them. A discount will be provided for three or more orders!

It is always possible to order customized and personalized dolls. All you have to do is contact me and you can also send me for example a drawing your child made and I can base a doll on it. You can even choose the name of the doll then.

Each doll will come with a description and a name. In my blog I always offer the story that surrounds the handmade doll. Size will be provided in inches and cms. Clear pictures and information about which materials were used to create the doll, will also be available. Payments will only be accepted via Paypal, safe for you and me! Orders will be processed once payments have cleared. Once a doll is published on the blog, she or he is ready to be sent worldwide, postage depending on where to. The doll will be wrapped in tissue and tucked in a cardboard box.

Vintage objects are bought locally on flea markets and come with a full description and story on the blog as well. As some of them have a considerable weight, postage will influence the purchase price.

Another part of the quilt for my granddaughter

Another part of the quilt for my granddaughter

Some people asked for sewing tutorials, which I’m willing to do, but I would like them to be born out of your questions. Before one can even think of making a doll, a bear, a quilt, basic sewing techniques are to be known. So a world of possibilities are waiting to be fulfilled. The pictures in this post show details of a quilt I made for my granddaughter Luna (her mum gave me pictures, chose the material, told me how she would like the composition) and a ring cushion I made for the wedding of my third son and his wife. Never hesitate to ask for a sewing technique, a sewing project, no matter how simple it is, I’ll always try to help you with it, using an easy to follow and clear tutorial. Sewing is technique and can be learnt by anybody! All you need is patience and accuracy!

A ring cushion for my son's wedding

A ring cushion for my son’s wedding

In anticipation of your questions, suggestions,

This is what I love to do!

This is what I love to do!

With helping hands






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