It’s … behind you!


In summer, droplets catching the light, paint the sky with seven indigenous colours, offering me the majestic rainbow on the horizon.

Is it Zephyrus’ wife Iris in her colourful dresses, running back and forth being the go between for the gods and the humans, according to the ancient Greeks that’s how one is caused. Or is it the mighty bow of the god of light and thunder, that’s what the people of India will tell you. The Chinese, on the other hand, talk of the 5 stones of Nüwa, an attempt of their goddess sealing the sky. One ancient, native American tribe, the Warriors of the rainbow, spread the message we have to save our world by unity, love and understanding.

And on and on go those stories of good or bad omens and people in history trying to catch that rainbow miracle. French philosopher, mathematician and writer Rene Descartes (I know, the French) followed the Greeks in their quest to understand the creation of a rainbow.

Today, we all know, if we want to see that prismatic effect, the sun has to be behind us and no one sees the same one! But did you know, they can form a full circle, but we only see the arc. If you’re lucky you might catch that sight, flying a plane.

Lucky you, when seeing a double rainbow, as sunlight can even reflect three or more times in one raindrop, but the mighty sun only allows us to see the two first ones.

Seeing one, my heart jumps up and I have to admire that rich bundle of vivid colours. And when I don’t see one, I can always spout red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with my own garden hose on a sunny day here in France. Even one raindrop can cause the magic to happen, to see it… I do need a lot more.

How many fairy tales, songs, or legends, not to speak of poetry, art and music, do you know, all circling around this magnificent optical experience?

Am following my own horizon, hoping life might offer me a vintage pot of joy with every rainbow I see, as I know, when I move, so does the rainbow.

Not reaching too far




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