Apples “the” autumn dessert


Fall is prime apple season. The wonderfully warm, crisp scent of harvest apples, their heavenly aroma, makes delicious, healthy and mouthwatering desserts come to mind. Apples loaded with fibre, help preventing type 2 diabetes and protect against Parkinson’s, on top of that they maximise your antioxidant intake.

Whether they are juicy, crunchy, mild spicy sweet, crisp or tangy, sweet with hints of honey, even tart, all the unique varieties of apples are almost always named after old, moneyed English people and books they would read.

For my English husband apples immediately represent crumbles, pies, custards, pork & apple sauce and cider, for me the oven baked apples, toffee apples, pancakes with slices of apples fried in a pan, do the job.

Why not spruce things up and go for some new recipes instead of just topping them off with your very own homemade caramel sauce or nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds). Baked apples go well with feta and thyme too you know!

Norway has its famous apple paste, called “æblesmør”, great as spread on toasted bread. It requires a bit of work but is worth the effort:


–          1,2kg apples (unpeeled and with cork as they provide the natural pectine) cut in 4

–          2.5dl water

–          1dl apple cider vinegar

–          200g muscavado sugar ( a cane sugar with very moist texture and a strong molasses              flavour, excellent in barbecue sauces or marinades too!)

–          150 g cane sugar

–          1 cinnamon stick

–          2 split vanilla pods

How to:

Boil the apples for 1 hour obtaining 950 gr of apple compote once sifted.

Add the muscavado sugar and rest of the sugar, 1 cinnamon and the 2 split vanilla pods and put it on middle heat for another 1.5 hour (some even add another 1.5 hour to finish the dish)

Baked apples in the oven are my childhood memory and they taste ever so good when once cored, you stuff them with a mixture of 2 crumbled bay leaves, 2 tablespoons of flaked almonds, 2 tablespoons of light muscovado sugar, 75 gr mixture of raisins/goyi berries/figs, zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon and 4 teaspoons of butter. Don’t forget to rub the outside of the apples with the leftover mixture too.

Toss some extra almonds in the bowl so that leftover juices will coat them lightly and some on top of the apples when put in ¾ cup boiling water in a preheated oven 190° till they become soft and juicy (30 to 45 minutes). They can always be served with a scoop of ice cream…


And here at home nothing is wasted, our goats and donkeys get the leftover bits as treats, nice lined up so they can all eat next to one another without a fight.


Go ahead, let your imagination run free with this low in calories, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, fat and cholesterol-free, great source of fiber and gluten free food.

‘Tis the season to scoff on apples!

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