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Nature worth preserving for our grandchildren


The last blog posts told you all about my baby steps to zero waste living so far. Time to start writing about other stuff, but to give you an idea of what we’ve actually changed since reading Bea Johnson’s book, this last post about zero waste living. Enjoy some amazing views of the wonderful region we live in, nature at its best, worth preserving for our grandchildren by a zero waste style of living.


Bio – friendly tips for a pest free house

antipestsOften gazing at our surroundings allows us to truly appreciate the world, one of the amazing gifts of living here in the South of France. The beauty of nature can have a profound effect on our senses. We have magnificent starry nights but during the early spring days and certainly in summer, we do encounter little “pests”, creepy crawlies or flying little wonders. It’s the stingy ones, we’d rather not encounter in our private little haven or on our dogs. Let’s not try to ward them off with chemical products but give some natural DIY products a go.