March 2016 archive

Lost but not found, how to find a runaway dog


Spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining brightly and warmer temperatures see the day. Time to mow the lawn and start getting the garden ready for a beautiful outdoor summer. Alas spring brings lovely smells in the air, it is ever so tempting for dogs’ noses and urges them to wiz off and explore the land outside your garden.


Under the influence of influenza

The first signs of spring have arrived, birds are singing, lizards are everywhere, and finally the sun has popped up, after days of pouring rain, announcing spring and a soon to be holiday filled, as usual, with loads of visitors. And there is me, puffing around, still under the influence of the flu I had earlier, carrying a basket of immense fatigue and a horrible cough. It’s as if all energy has been drawn out of my body and each one of my cells, is telling me off.


Jewelry hangers made out of original French wine boxes


And here they are: the first of many to come, in different sizes and different looks: our handmade wooden jewelry hangers made out of original French wine boxes. Unique handcrafted pieces, each of them one of a kind, clear varnished so the original wood colour shines through. Two holes were made to screw them to your wall, a secure way to hang the board. Some of them printed, others really branded with loads of local history.


Lethal danger: The pine processionary moth’s caterpillar


Living in France for over 10 years I was warned from the early days, when horse riding, to avoid the nests of the pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa or PPM). Recently I got a call of some friends, their dog was not well, breathing heavily, drooling and having a blue tongue after been in contact with these caterpillars. I immediately advised them to go to the vet, knowing the danger involved for their dog.